Building a Roadmap

Recently on a busy Saturday I worked with a young couple who were furnishing their first home. As I listened to them eagerly chat about the different items they needed, I realized they were on overload.

What is overload you ask? Well, they had recently moved from a rental loft in the city and purchased their new home in the suburbs. They had coordinated closing dates, moving dates, in-laws coming into town dates, play dates and time off from jobs to actually move and put items in their new home. Now they were trying to design and furnish their family room whilst simultaneously having a painter and flooring person working in said family room. Can you say overload?

After I let them both vent and get out everything they needed to get out, we came up with a roadmap. This is what I love doing.

I asked them what purchases were a necessity and what were the purchases that could be completed further down the line. As we worked through this process a very nice room began to come into focus for them. I told them what we were doing was building an interior design roadmap. This way they would know that for purchases that needed to be made further down the road, they would have a really good idea of the style cues they could follow to give their home that great layered look.

It was interesting to note that as our conversation continued and they spent time perusing through the store, they began to relax. As they were leaving, the woman turned to me and said “this has actually been fun and for the first time in weeks I don’t feel stressed.” “Mission accomplished,” I thought. The following is the Wish List roadmap we put together. Enjoy.