Showroom Standards

A big part of being a successful Design Associate is the ability and willingness to maintain Room & Board’s showroom standards. We want every customer to be able to experience our brand and showroom as we intend.

What this means is making sure that each inspirational room setting is looking very put together. Lamps need to be placed properly, pillows fluffed, price tags facing out in the correct position, chairs tucked in at dining tables, books straightened, etc, etc. On a busy day this can seem like a Sisyphean task!

Whenever I return to the showroom floor after a break or finishing up with a customer, I always take a quick spin around to tidy up. At the end of the day’s shift, we work as a team to re-set the showroom for the next day. All lamps are turned off and all room settings are fully recovered to begin the next day – and start the process all over again!