As Seen by Me

They’re wondering about the York sofa or Linear media cabinet or the Moda crib or the Linden dining table.

My customers are communicating with me over the phone or via email. They’re in their car or their office or at the kitchen table, trying to make decisions – most of the time sight unseen – about a crib for their first baby or sectional sofa for their remodeled family room, a media cabinet for that new TV. And there’s no Room & Board yet in Bountiful, Utah or Whitefish, Montana or Goodbee, Louisiana.

“Have you actually seen this in person?” they ask me.

Yes. Oh, yes.

All three of my daughters have slept in that crib, with that same Room & Board crib mattress, and frankly, I can’t get my youngest child, the three-year-old, to move to a bigger bed.

Is it sturdy?

My daughters played tent in the crib last week on a rainy day — the seven-year-old, the four-year-old and the three-year-old. The 2nd floor of my house may give before that crib. It’s very sturdy.

I’m worried about the quality.

I have had my Room & Board sofa since 2002. New cushion cores – like new tires for a car – and slipcovers – and it still looks and feels great.

How are the rugs to care for?

The beige Vasanti rug has been in my foyer for about seven years now. I have it cleaned professionally about every 18 months. It’s timeless and classic and easy-to-clean, even with the aforementioned little feet and a yellow lab whose name in hindsight should have been “Shed.”

What office chair do you like the best?

I’ve logged about 15 years of work in the Aeron Classic chair. And I’ve spent many meetings sitting in the Setu chair, which I also love.

And it goes on. If needed, I can get technical; I can toss out words like flexolator, mortise and tenon, 16 gauge. But most of the time, I talk about Room & Board and what those details mean in my real life. As seen, cleaned, lifted, sat on, dined on, slept in, worked on, washed, ironed, vacuumed, tested, put to good use, enjoyed, admired…by Me.