The Importance of Layering

Jasper before

With our recent mid-year introductions to the collection, our weekly transfers have been heavier in the month of June as items shift in the showroom. As I’ve been exploring the Retail Merchant role, I get to work more closely with our Visual Associate and Inventory Associate to (among many other things) ensure that the changes happening on the showroom floor happen smoothly and efficiently. Last Wednesday, we had a very heavy day and everything went quite well, which was great! I snapped this picture above as I went through the showroom because I’m always struck by how different a room setting can look without accessories. This particular room didn’t change too dramatically last week, only the cocktail table and accent chair were the items that were switched out. But even these small changes affected how our Visual Associate wanted to present the room, and so the accent pillows and artwork were removed during the transition.

Jasper after

Here it is a week later and we are getting ready for another transfer tomorrow (when we will be getting our mid-year upholstery recovers, yay!) and I realized that I needed to check into this room again and really look at what changed. The biggest difference was the addition of artwork and accent pillows, and then I also see that the placement of floor lamps has been adjusted. Tomorrow, we will  do a rug swap between this and another setting that will provide more contrast between the rug and the upholstery of the sofa/chaise. This final part of the process is always the most exciting, when the changes that have been discussed and planned over a period of time actually happen. And really, these small finishing touches can have such a meaningful shift in how our Design Associates and customers interact with a room setting. It helps provide a “finished” feel and allow people to experience it as an actual space they might want to live in and use rather than just a grouping of furniture pieces in a store. It is also a great place for customers to get inspiration about how they want their own homes to look and feel.