Visiting Central

One unique perk of being a Room & Board Design Associate is the investment the company makes in the individual development and education of each and every one of its employees. Three times a year, employees in every role gather with their Leadership Associates to create and focus on their yearly personal goals and growth in a procedure known as Priorities and Measures. This year, one of my Priorities and Measures goals was to travel to our Central Offices in Minneapolis to visit with and learn about the various teams who make Room & Board the company it is from the inside out. This past week, I was able to fulfill that goal!

Though the weather in Minneapolis was incrementally rainy and generally overcast, the two awesome days I spent at the Central Office were anything but. From the moment I entered the building, I was swept up in a whirlwind of introductions and education. I met the folks who man (and woman) the Shop From Home phones, the Web Team, Business Interiors, and Human Resources. Heck, I even got to meet the founder and CEO of the company: John Gabbert! The whole experience allowed me to have a fully formed understanding of the company for which I work, and the company that works for me. Now onto the next goal!