I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Atlanta store with another Shop From Home Design Associate, Lisa. We were excited for the change of pace the showroom affords as well as the chance to see the collection in person. So much of how we design in Shop From Home incorporates a technological or digital aspect, but we are creatives at heart and long for the textures and shapes in a real space.

First, let me say how much it felt like home. The team in Atlanta has the same deep talent and generosity of spirit as the others I’ve had the pleasure to meet here in the last few years. While we talk about the culture at Room & Board being one of respect, support, and creative innovation, it was reassuring to truly experience it outside of our Minneapolis locations.

It was also fascinating to see how our collection slides right into another aesthetic culture and, while never veering far from our core design, the Atlanta store incorporates elements and settings that are uniquely Southern. The heavy steels, bright natural light, and humidity-loving bamboo behind a cool, soft outdoor sofa just feel right.

KleinReid Eva Zeisel Pigeon Toe

But most meaningful to me were the conversations I had that week. I learned about how it feels (and what miraculous things can happen) when searching for your father in New Orleans after Katrina. I heard a remarkable & serendipitous boy meets boy story and all about the upcoming wedding. I now know people move UP to Atlanta which, being from the Midwest, never occurred to me. I also learned “Bless your heart…” is usually not followed by something you want to hear.

Thank you beautiful, hot, Atlanta & friends.