Making The Right Purchase

Some people walk into a R&B showroom, fall in love with a sofa and want to buy it on the spot. As a Design Associate I like to slow down the process and make sure that all important factors have been considered before the purchase has been made.

It is imperative to discuss things like dimensions, scale, space planning and room function. There are also many other design elements to contemplate.

Will this piece work with the existing furniture in your space? What color palette are you working with? Can the sofa fit through your narrow doorway? Leather or fabric? Down or foam cushion cores? The list goes on and on.

This helps the customer approach their sofa purchase from more of a practical angle, as well as aesthetically. A few simple questions can help uncover and prevent potential mistakes for some buyers.

It brings me great satisfaction as a Design Associate to help a customer navigate towards the perfect purchase for their lifestyle. When all boxes are ticked, it feels like hitting a home run!