Educated by Manufacturers

One of my favorite things related to education is when we are visited by our manufacturers. I was able to participate when Gat Caperton, his wife and Camille [our Vendor Manager] came to answer questions and give us an overview of important things to know about Caperton.

He was so enthusiastic and passionate about developing new product and conveying the collaborative environment he has created in his company. They have amazing longevity, just like we have at the Edina store, and he made a point to say how similar our philosophies are. They employ a staff of 50% women who do the woodworking as well. It was impressive to know that most of the wood is purchased within a 150 mile radius of the manufacturing facility. It is also good to know that the lumber comes from a family company 6 generations deep.

Sustainability and ecologically-friendly practices constitute their business philosophy. Each piece of furniture is signed by the individual who made it. All these little pieces of information make my conversation with customers so much more lively and interesting. I was so energized by this meeting that I wanted to hit the floor to talk about Caperton