The Power of a DA and Email

Like many retailers, Room & Board keeps in touch with customers via email. As a Design Associate we are charged with asking customers if they would like to opt-in to get our email communication. We are very respectful of our customers. The first email we send to an opted-in customer contains a link to a profile/preference center which presents five topics that customers can choose from in terms of the type of emails we will send them. If a customer only wants to hear about clearance events and vendor promotions, that’s all we’ll send them.

Data shows that customers who opt-in through a Design Associate will purchase 29% more over their lifetime than customers who opt-in online by themselves. The value of every email opt-in through a Design Associate is $3,797. The impact we have as the ambassadors of our brand is incredible. By committing to facilitate the digital connection between our customers and Room & Board through email opt-in, we are able to significantly impact the health of our business today and into the future.