Shake It Up!

Everyday is different in retail.  Sometimes I end the day utterly exhausted — or utterless I should say. Unable to speak another word, I stumble into my apartment and fall into the sofa – or husband, whichever’s closest – muttering softly to myself. But there are days, too, with a fair amount of down-time. This can be a drag if you’re inclined to a fast-paced environment, but it can also yield some creative riches.

I like the teeter-tottering myself. A slow day (like today) gives me the time to walk the showroom and really take in the setting. I notice small details – a frame story tucked in a corner, an interesting accent chair pairing. Wandering like this opens you up to the possibilities in design. When you live in a space, day in and day out, you stop seeing it — it becomes background. White noise.  It’s really necessary to get out of your element — in my case, running back and forth through the showroom — so you can see your environment. This obviously translates to your home as well.

If you feel like you’re in a rut — slow down and actively notice your surroundings. What colors have you chosen to pair? What kind of furniture is in your space? Which of these elements make you smile and which do you pass over without notice? It might help to move stuff around — shake things up a bit!