Thank You Notes

This morning, I heard a story on NPR that discussed the fine print in mortgage documents, and the guest said something along the lines of, “We live in a culture where, if you complain, you will get results. But, complain nicely if you want the person at the other end of the line to do something for you.”

Well, obviously that makes sense.  Be nice. Because our Shop From Home department answers the phone calls that come directly to the 800 number as well as many that are routed to us from the stores, we take our fair share of concerns from customers or potential customers. That’s normal.

Something better than normal, and always endearing, is the daily thank you notes we receive from customers. Think about that for a moment; someone – no, a LOT of someones – took the time to write an email to thank their furniture company! Often, it’s when something went wrong, and we made it right.

“Wow! What great customer service. You have exceeded my expectations with efficiency of order, delivery, delivery persons, and your immediate contact and follow up with me.”

“I wouldn’t have ordered from your company if it weren’t for your expert advice and guidance! Also, the delivery men were fabulous too. Thank you. Thank you.”

“You guys are the best.  THANK YOU!”

“You have no idea how your response above made my day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!  You have truly demonstrated what a fabulous company Room & Board is.”

Our team, as well as all of the others here it takes to make a successful experience happen, flows through our work with relentless attention to detail. The result is that the customer receives what we truly intend: furniture they adore to help complete their home and the understanding that we value them. And it’s wonderful to hear we got it right.