More Than Selling Furniture

When I work with people in the store, I assume they think I’m just focused on selling them furniture. And while I do enjoy finding the right items for the customer’s needs, it’s often the connection with the customer that I remember most.

It may be finding out that my client has just moved from Seattle (a place I lived for a while back in the ‘90s) and being able to reminisce about the old “hood” and how things have changed. It may be learning that my client is working through the difficult journey of divorce and helping them create a calm, welcoming new home. Or it could be something as simple as witnessing the playful banter between a mother and son while picking out his first post-college furniture and remembering fondly my own relationship with my mother whom I lost several years ago.

With Room & Board we say we have a passion for helping you find the right furniture and accessories for your home. We also see you, our customer, as a person and enjoy the connection that comes from that.