The Small Things That Make a Difference


Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the little stuff. There are so many “big” things we deal with on a daily basis, whether a multi-layered project or a room full of furnishings, that I think it is always worthwhile to remember that small details can have a large impact as well. One of the “little” things that makes a huge difference in our showrooms is the fact that we always have fresh flowers and real plants in our room settings. Our Visual Associate has partnered with a Design Associate to make weekly trips to a local flower market, which means that we occasionally get to see really unique flowers like the ones in the picture above. There are, of course, other flowers that are more standard. Right now I can think of a low vase with roses near the front of the store and two settings with orchids, too.

Not only are our flowers and plants real, but the fruit is, too. It is always amusing to see how many customers touch these display items and are surprised to find that they are not props. No bowls with fake fruit here! Those are real apples, real oranges, real lemons. We do have to keep a close eye on these fresh items to make sure they are presentable, but it is worth it. Having real items in our showroom helps to create a unique and engaging customer experience. These small touches may not seem like they are very significant, but they form an integral part of how we present our brand to the public and how we welcome customers into our showrooms.