Day Brightener

We all have our favorite customers who simply brighten our day whenever they show up. Today my favorite customer came in to show her friend the choices she made for her new apartment. It is a new apartment complex going up in our neighborhood that won’t be ready until September 1st. I have seen her and helped her many times and enjoy every encounter.

This is a downsizing situation, so there are lots of considerations and she is reinventing her style. She has chosen the Reese, Chloe and Quinn in View eggplant. Her new bed will be the Avery in the Sunbrella pink to brighten her days. She has always been contemporary but hasn’t used as much color.

Room & Board has a great partnership with Bridging in Minneapolis. Bridging is a non-profit that allows people to choose donated furniture because they can’t afford it otherwise. We can pick up donated furniture that is still in good condition when we do deliveries for our customers and take the donation to Bridging. With my favorite customer, we will pick up the things she no longer has a place for. This benefits her and Bridging at the same time.

She came in to the store first thing this morning and her lovely spirit has made my day!