More than a good retailer

“The cyclists go on the third floor. Let’s put the golfers outside on the deck. Oh, and let the same gender dance group be over in the corner on the fourth floor – they need space for their rumba.” Not exactly words you think you’d hear in a home furnishings store.

Our store location in Washington DC began as a car dealership in the early 1900s. The original building had three floors with a showroom on the first and garages on the second and third floors. When Room & Board renovated the building, we added a fourth floor with an outdoor deck and sweeping views of the city. Because of the layout, it makes a great event space and we often host evenings with like-minded organizations – usually nonprofits.

On this particular evening Room & Board is hosting Team DC, an association of approximately 30 local LGTB community sports teams. Each team has set up an area within our third and fourth floors to try and sign up new players to their respective sports teams. With 500+ in attendance for the evening, it’s a lot of chaotic fun. Imagine it as freshman sign up week at college. Kind of.

Most events here are smaller and a little more subdued, but by acting as a host Room & Board has provided space for many worthwhile Washington DC organizations. We’ve hosted many events: a thank you event for an organization of accountants that offer free tax help to the poor during tax time, a celebration of heritage month for Asian/ Pacific Islanders, a fundraiser for a local women’s organization aimed at combating domestic violence, even a local group working to provide innovative theatrical programming around a musical core of opera, cabaret, poetry and song. So while it’s not exactly what you might expect from a home furnishings showroom, at Room & Board we’re more than just being a good retailer, we’re about being a good community partner as well.