Selling Sofas, Selling Cars

In many ways, being a Room & Board Design Associate is being an educator. Of course we are here to show our newest team members the lay of the Room & Board land: That’s a given. But each of us also has the daily task and responsibility to engage in educating ourselves so we can, in turn, relay the most recent product information to our customers. The more we know about each collection at hand, the better we can educate our customers on what to expect from a particular piece of furniture once they get it into their home, and how best to care for it over time.

I like to tell my customers that caring for furniture is a lot like caring for a car: Without gas and regular oil changes, a car won’t run, and it certainly won’t withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Furniture operates in very much the same way: sofa cushions need to be flipped, fluffed, and vacuumed; the oil and wax finishes on certain case goods need to be replenished with satin wax when dry or else the wood will crack; marble is porous, and coasters are required; micro-suede is great for kids and pets, but watch out for oil based stains! So, I guess, in actuality, being a Room & Board Design Associate is a lot like being a car salesman!