In-Store Events!

Bellini Chairs

There has been a lot going on and I was originally wanting to write more about my ongoing transition into the Retail Merchant role for our store today. Then, as I sat down to write, I remembered the sea of Bellini Chairs that are stacked right behind me and I thought this would be a good opportunity to write about our in-store events instead. (So more on my various roles in the showroom later…)

At the beginning of the year, one of the Priorities and Measures I set for myself in 2014 was to assist our In-Store Brand Team with an event. When we hosted a private volunteer/donor appreciation party for Architects Without Borders (AWB) recently, I had the opportunity to check this goal off my list. Everything went smoothly and there were probably about 50 people in attendance after our store had closed on a Sunday. My role for the evening was to help man the door and let attendees in while inviting customers to come back during our regular store hours. One of our Design Associates on the Brand team actually did the catering, which turned out beautifully. The organizers from AWB were thrilled with how well everything went and we were able to introduce our brand to a variety of architects and designers who hadn’t yet been into our showroom.

Tonight will be our second in-store event within three weeks, so our Brand team has been busy planning and executing all of the details that go into hosting a large group of people within our space. These chairs are all here in anticipation for “An Evening with GRAY Magazine,” which will feature Editorial Director Jaime Gillin with a panel of local experts as they hold the first of an anticipated series of “GRAY Conversations.” Our Design Center will be turned into a pop-up auditorium where the panel will be having their discussion. Although I’m not working tonight, I’ll still be here this evening to support our store and Brand team in an unofficial capacity. With an RSVP list of 130, it will be exciting to experience an event taking place that is open to the public as an attendee.

Coming up, we will be hosting our New Accessories Launch in October by partnering with Seattle Magazine. As a newer market, it has been fun to see how our showroom has grown and developed relationships with various media outlets and organizations to support our business with these events. Here’s to continued growth and partnerships in the future!