Small Town Feel

I grew up in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Very rural. I had one car accident when I was growing up – my car was hit by a horse and buggy. Really. It’s a long story.

In keeping with that small town feel, in my hometown everyone says hi to another. If I’m home visiting and driving on a back road I know that I’ll be giving a two finger wave to vehicles that pass me from the other direction. It could be a car, a pickup, a tractor or even a horse and buggy. It’s about being a good neighbor.

In my adult life I’ve lived all over the country and in large cities mostly. At first I was thrown a bit. I was saying hi to people that I passed on the street and even occasionally giving a wave while driving – just out of habit. More than once I got the odd stare from people wondering exactly what I was doing. Now, I’m a bit more seasoned and aware of the right time and the right place for being overly friendly to others.

However, there are still times when I go back to my heritage. For me, being in my store is kind of like being home. If I see you I’m going to say hi, even though you may have already had seven other people say hi to you since you walked in the front door. It’s not me being pushy. It’s my way of honoring my roots. And of being a good neighbor.