Stupid Questions

It usually begins with, “Can I ask a stupid question?”

Now, I was an elementary music teacher at one time. I know how this works. I say, “Of course! There are no stupid questions!” Granted, there have been times when my inner voice butts in and urges me to say, ” Um, no.”

Luckily I usually have pretty good control over that little inner voice.

But what I’ve learned from being in retail for over 12+ years is that the “stupid” question is often borne from a genuine need to solve a problem. The woman who asks if we have an 8″ wide nightstand…with a drawer… and a shelf, isn’t thinking what that tiny little nightstand might look like. She’s trying to make the most of a very small space beside her bed. She has a need.

Sometimes this happens when our aspirations for what we want/need and the reality of what we can actually have are different. I know what this is like. There’s a 101″ velvet indigo sofa on the floor that calls my name – like it whispers it every time I walk by – but there’s no way that I could fit that grand sofa in my city apartment. Believe me, I’ve asked myself hundreds of times if it will fit. Ha! And what a stupid question! I couldn’t even get it in the elevator!

But when we start to look at the reality of the situation, we may see the possibility of how to solve the problem. I might be able to work with the nightstand lady to do a narrow ledge on the wall – and maybe add a wall sconce to free up surface space. For me, that same sofa in a smaller configuration with a floor mirror next to it may just give me the illusion of that really long, luxurious sofa I’m pining for. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It’s true. It’s just a matter of standing firmly in reality and working on the possibilities of what can be. We can help with that.