A Design Associate and a Customer!


I was thinking the other day about how working at Room & Board has transformed not only my professional life, but my home as well. In the (almost) two years that I’ve been with the company, I have become a loyal customer as well as a staff member. The change has been so gradual that, with a new item here and there, I didn’t realize how much furniture I have from our current and past assortments until this past week. When I looked around my apartment, it suddenly made sense why one of my Leadership Associates jokes that I’m one of her best customers.

Items that I’ve managed to acquire include: a bed, dining table and chairs, bookcase, storage cabinet, desks and task chairs, accent tables, rugs, lamps, benches, and accent chairs. The fact that all of these pieces have blended into my home seamlessly as I’ve found items I wanted to purchase (whether brand new, discontinued items on clearance, or floor samples) has made my apartment more beautiful and more functional. An added bonus is that, as I live with Room & Board furnishings in my home, I have more confidence and personal anecdotes to share when I’m working with customers.

As I wrote this, I realized that I didn’t have a photo with me of my apartment. Instead, I’m including a picture of a Cora dining chair in our showroom, which I would really love to own. While I already have our Afton chairs with my dining table, I value the style and comfort of this chair enough that I really want to find a spot for this chair in my home! Every Design Associate has a different story and is at a different place in their lives. I’m so pleased that joining Room & Board coincided with a moment where my fiancé and I happened to be investing in our home.