Leading the Way!

At Room & Board, our Leadership Associates aren’t just managers. Their role is about so much more: providing guidance and support, and giving constructive feedback and recognition. There’s no micro-managing here — instead we work alongside leadership as partners. We’re all working toward the same objective, after all.

When a tricky situation arises, a Design Associate might bring to the table an established rapport with her client — she can assess a customer’s posturing, and get a deeper sense of the problem they might be experiencing. Meanwhile, leadership often has a broader vantage point from which to consider the issue, and years of meaningful experience from which to draw. When we combine forces, we can tackle the toughest challenges with grace and efficiency.

Design Associates are empowered to make decisions about how to solve a problem — we don’t have to consult with a manager to make a call. But when I’m unsure about the best route to take, leadership never lets me down. They’re always available to help guide me toward a solution that is in line with Room & Board principles and fair to the customer. It’s great to know they’ve got my back!.