fourth floor redo

Change. I can’t say I’m fond of it. I’d much rather go steady with routine than have a tempestuous affair with change. The nature of change is, well, change. Things come and go. What was, isn’t anymore. Most say that change is good and I begrudgingly agree. Thankfully, change is only noticed in relation to what you had before. And rarely do we progress into a new situation without reminders of where we’ve come. All new, all the time would be a very overwhelming place.

And so it is at my work at the moment. As I type this I can hear a sometimes deafening sound of construction happening on our fourth floor – one floor up from where I am. Who knew the pneumatic nail gun was a harbinger of change?

Over the past several months we have enlarged our staff member area – no more tripping over each other to get coffee in the morning, reconfigured our third floor and expanded our Kids department – affectionately know as RBK. Our final phase will be to transform our fourth floor into a showcase for our accessories. The floor will be fittingly named, “Complete Your Home.”

Now, everyone loves our fourth floor. It has glass walls and an outside deck that wrap around two sides of the roof with sweeping views of our ever-changing neighborhood. People have even tried to bribe us to spend the night up there; it’s that enchanting. There was nothing “wrong” with the fourth floor. Yet, since the beginning of the year we’ve been working towards this moment. We’re making something good, better.

Complete Your Home is set to open at the end of this month. From what we’ve seen so far, she looks like she’s going to be a beauty. Lots of our decorative items: lighting, mirrors, frames, bedding, throws, vases, trays, tabletops, are all going to be gathered in one place. We’re going to do the designing for you and show some of the old Room & Board classics in brand new ways. We’re also going to be introducing many new accessories for the fall as well. It’s going to be a good thing. A very good thing.

So, change is good. Say it with me, “Change is good.” A bit of the old to make us feel comfortable in the new. A new environment to help us see with fresh eyes the beauty that’s always been around us. I guess I can live with that.