Complete Your Home Construction

CYH Construction

September has been a really busy month so far. Not only are we starting to plan what our showroom will look like in 2015, but our store is also undergoing construction for our new Complete Your Home department. So far, everything has been going well, which is always good news. Even with a significant portion of our showroom tented off during construction, our business has been strong. It was strange to see so many room settings completely empty when things were being pulled apart last week. Customers and staff members alike are quickly adapting to the temporary showroom layout.

As always, I love how well our team pulls together to accomplish tasks. It was definitely a group effort to get the various layers removed and stored in preparation for construction. The first phase of planned changes also went smoothly, with furniture changes landing in new rooms exactly as intended thanks to our Visual Associate and Distribution Center crew. By the end of the month, the plastic will be down and we will have our new department up and running!