Old Friends

Being back from surgery I’m starting to make my way out on the floor more in the mornings before we open. Today as I was walking around and dusting (our new accessories department is going in) I began looking at some pieces that frankly I have not seen in awhile. Nothing flashy but then that is what caught my eye. A 42′ square Portica cocktail table with a walnut top, a Saarinen side table, a Hudson dining cabinet…these pieces are so integral to who we are that it is easy to “not” see them. The Portica reminded me of a vintage Knoll piece I had seen. So clean and basic, elemental and spare. Essential. The Portica cocktail, vintage Knoll, the Farnsworth house, when seen trip a switch inside that produces a feeling that can only be described as well being. 

For someone who is a self described traditionalist at heart, this response has always mystified me. Why the warm fuzzy? When kids draw their house it’s a mishap of crazy. All slanted lines, crayon windows and goofy grinned sunshine. It is absolute simplicity and yet somehow utterly complete. The world they know, rendered in essentials. Great design moves us, touches a place inside that is elemental. A clean line, a crisp edge, a glass wall, elemental and essential. Leaving just enough room for the heart and the soul. A simple rendering made complete.