Complete Your Home Installed!


I posted a couple of weeks ago about the construction for our new Complete Your Home (CYH) department that was taking place in our showroom. Well, earlier this week, we had an incredible team of people who came together to install this new department. The photo from my last post is the same view as the photo above. Instead of the temporary aisle with walls of plastic sheeting from construction, we now get to welcome our customers into this new, bright, and inspirational space!

After we closed the showroom this past Sunday, there was a team of four from our store (including myself), along with a separate team of seven from our Distribution Center who worked to bring all of the fixtures and furniture into the CYH department. Then, on Monday morning, a crew of Visual Associates, Design Associates, and partners from our Central offices descended to install and set everything in place. The bulk of the work was completed on Monday, with some smaller projects being completed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Many people have been involved in the planning and execution of this new space in our showroom, and their hard work has clearly paid off. The CYH department looks beautiful and our staff members and customers alike are super-excited by the new changes!