Planning for 2015

2015 Planning

Now that our Complete Your Home department has been successfully installed in our showroom, the Triangle Team (Visual Associate, Inventory Associate, and Retail Merchant) can really get an in-depth start on our 2015 floor change. I’m excited to be transitioning into the Retail Merchant role for our store, which means that I’ll be involved in this project. There is so much preparation that goes into creating our showroom journey! At times, I am anticipating that it may feel a little overwhelming for me as I’m learning, but we have a great team here who has done this before so I know that there is a lot of support.

The photo above is a quick snapshot of a wall in our conference room where our Visual Associate keeps the floor plan for our showroom along with other tools and inspiration. As it is still somewhat early in the process, she is using sticky notes to mark where items will be placed for 2015. This allows for flexibility as we add more layers into the room settings and the placement of items around the showroom is adjusted. She also has fabric swatches for major upholstery items tacked up on the wall and rug swatches down on the floor for reference. Additional lists and calendars are also kept here so we are aware of the various dates that different pieces of this project will be due. This week is when we’ll really start working together as a team again to determine more specifics about items, finishes, and placement.

One of the things I hear customers comment on quite frequently is that our showrooms are very calm and relaxing to be in. I love that people enjoy our space so much, and it is great to be getting a better understanding of what it takes to create and maintain this type of environment for our shoppers!