Please Press 1

Customers who dial Room & Board’s 800 phone number are prompted to Press 1 for customer service or design help. With that selection on an average day, they’ll be connected with one of ten or so Design Associates working within the Shop From Home department.
While we all share a passion for design, a knack for interacting with strangers, and the business sense to manage the multitude of tasks that come across our desks, no two of us Shop From Home Design Associates are alike. We don’t fit any mold in terms of our education or background. Among us there are art school graduates and degrees in English and Education and Interior Design. We have been small business owners and school teachers. We have managed retail stores and corporate departments. We have designed jewelry, ceramics and baskets. We have worked in art museums and we have sold real estate. We have veteran staffers with over two decades of experience here at Room & Board and new employees still in the midst of training who won’t answer a call for quite a few months yet.
From our diverse backgrounds we come together as one cohesive group, a group in which individually any one of us can pick up where someone else left off. We share with one another: The parents and the pet owners among the group are always vocal about the most durable fabrics and tabletop materials. We know which sofa and chairs our shorter and taller peers prefer in terms of comfort and fit. And it goes on. We complement one another, each of us a unique piece of the bigger puzzle, the team behind Press 1.