Fall Challenge

So. I don’t work out. I grew up a dancer, but once it became obvious I was too short to dance for the New York City Ballet, I settled in and focused on the other form of exercise I love. Sitting.

Fortunately for my health, I work with very active and supportive exercise enthusiasts. We have a fitness center at our Central Campus that offers complimentary classes, yoga & Pilates instructors, a personal trainer, and a full workout facility.

This fall, I signed up for the Fall Fitness Challenge. I needed a personal goal structure to get back into a gym routine after working from home during the remodel here this summer. I expected it to be an individual activity, but we were quickly assigned to teams.

Flashback: I grew up a dancer for a reason. I wasn’t what you would call an asset to any athletic based “team”.

I suspect that there may be a few moments here and there when my new teammates will wonder how it’s possible for someone in a fitness challenge to earn so few points. After all, you can earn points by getting enough sleep at night. But even though I don’t know my teammates very well, here is something I do KNOW. I know they will be kind. I know they will be supportive in the face of frustration. I know they understand that not everyone’s personal challenge includes a 6 minute mile (for some of us, it’s drinking enough water) and still include me in their own personal successes.

Maybe I’ll have a breakthrough and commit to a regular Pilates class moving forward! That’s what a dancer would do.