New Complete Your Home Department

Our new Complete Your Home department has been in for just shy of 2 weeks now and it is amazing. In my brief tenure at Room & Board, each time we have made a change, they always seem nice. Not so much with this department.

Each time a Design Associate walks into the department for the first time, their mouth just drops at how beautiful it is (me included). Our customers walk in and get very quiet. If you watch them, their eyes just roam and try to take everything in. For Oakbrook, not only is the department really beautiful, but we have seen an almost instantaneous jump in our pillow, frame and linen sales.

What I love about Room & Board is that we’re constantly asking questions and because of this we’re always refining. If you talk to a Design Associate who has been with the company for a period of time, they will mention that this is a second go around for an accessories department. However, this time we seem more dialed into our own identity. Because of this we have a much sharper focus on what we believe is going to work for customers when they are shopping for their own home. However, we are integrous enough to also really want feedback as to what is working and what is not.

I’m looking forward to more changes and more refining as the years come and go. Who knows where we’ll be five years down the road. I can’t wait to find out.