Continuing to Explore the Retail Merchant Role


As I probably mentioned a few weeks ago, we are currently in the thick of planning our showroom layout for 2015 here in Seattle. I’ve been transitioning into the Retail Merchant role for our store which has been a steep learning curve, but still a really valuable experience. What I enjoy about this role is that I get to combine my love of creativity along with my love of research and analysis. From a creativity standpoint, I get a sneak peek at all of the changes and new products that are happening with Room & Board’s collection in 2015. I also get to work closely with our Visual Associate in helping to ensure that we have proper representation of products and finishes to support our business.

My research skills come into play when looking at sales numbers to gain a better understanding of how a specific product or collection is performing for the company, or for our store. I normally will track along with our sales throughout the year more generally, and then dip into categories as needed. When when we are doing bigger projects like planning for our new CYH department, or our current planning for floor change in 2015, it becomes essential to take an even deeper dive into categories. I’m spending a lot of time right now working in various spreadsheets, looking at numbers, and gaining an understanding of what new pieces we will be showing next year. This is illustrated by my pile of blue folders in the picture above, so that I have the numbers I need at my fingertips. This part of the role has really been where I’m gaining a lot of new skills, and the support from our Retail Market Manager along with the Leadership Associate, who has been filling this role since our store opened, has been invaluable.

The end of November will be my two year anniversary with Room & Board. Looking back, I’m so grateful for being able to work with such wonderful people, and for everything I’ve been able to do here to support our showroom in that time. I’m super excited to continue my transition into the Retail Merchant role!