Preparing for Floor Change

Floor change has been on our radar for a while now. Every employee of Room & Board is engaged in some way in the process of our march to a new catalogue, a new series of products, new inspiration and new showrooms. It is a process that involves intricate planning, inventory management, floor planning [for a 50,000 square foot store], selling down of clearance rugs, lamps and furniture, painting and sometimes major renovations. Once all the preliminary steps are complete, it is then time to figure out the logistics of the physical move.

The actual night of floor change we assign our co-workers to teams who are then responsible for the execution of the movement. There are only a few rooms in our showroom that are not affected. The move involves lighting, accessories, furniture, rugs and props for each room. The teams are assigned to each one of the categories. For instance, there is a bedding team and all they do for a couple of days is make beds throughout the showroom and make sure they look beautiful.

It really is an amazing show of teamwork because we have help from our corporate team during the process. Every store in our company is affected because every store undergoes this same process within the first 2 weeks of the new year. It is definitely a time of renewal.