Our Customers’ Patterns

Now that the days are short and the weather colder, the migratory patterns of our customers is starting to emerge. Returning to the nest and settling in. I think that in the great lakes area, last year’s winter has us being a bit more humble and thoughtful as to what this year may bring. Perhaps winter instills in us a tendency to take the long view when it comes making decisions regarding our homes.

For Oakbrook, this is the time of year when custom orders seem to reign supreme. I often tell customers that they will start their new year off with a design that was built just for them. A fresh start, a new piece that can signal a change forward in their home. Completions, beginnings, endings, the seasons and the nesting process continues with us. Defining, and redefining home and what it means to us through a handmade bowl, or a custom sofa, a beautiful rug or a vibrant piece of art. Like swallows continually feathering the nest, our migratory and homing patterns continue.