Moving to Chelsea

In twelve days, Room & Board will have a new flagship store in Chelsea, New York.  Though the excitement at Room & Board SoHo is mounting, it is bittersweet, as those of us who are moving to the new location cleanout our SoHo lockers and begin to say our goodbyes.  Today, two of our Leadership Associates will work their last day in the SoHo store; this past weekend, I worked my last Sunday shift here without even realizing!  And before we all know it, Room & Board New York will exist as two store locations, instead of one.

What has been truly amazing to witness as we make this transition into two separate stores, is the obvious impact working at Room & Board has had on the lives and relationships of its employees. From Design and Leadership Associates, to Visuals and Merchants, and everyone in between, friendships have been built on teamwork, so much so that we’ve become an odd family of sorts, and it’s difficult to imagine that changing in any way.  But change it must, and all for the better: The new Chelsea location is breathtaking!  And as its doors open on December 13th, we will all be proud.