Action toward Floor Change

The store feels quiet right now despite the hustle and bustle outside our doors. The world has turned its focus toward the Holiday Season. We had a great November and as everyone focuses on their Holidays our December will continue to be a behind the scenes focus on the Floor Change.

I know myself and my partner [Harriet] in the fabric area are looking ahead to what we need to be aware of for Floor Change. We have marked our hanging samples with discontinued stickers and labeled the discontinued fabrics in our drawers. This will alert our co-workers as well as customers that some of our fabrics will be going away and we need to be aware that there are limited quantities.

This time of year we need to be super aware of all the nuances of limited availability on quite a lot of product. Our sensitivity to the possible disappointment of our customers is of utmost importance right now.

We are slowly receiving all the tools we need to make the shift for our new product. We have received some of the new fabrics and will put those on the floor on Christmas Eve. A lot happens on that day before our Clearance begins on the 26th. All the tags in the showroom must be changed, we take out the discontinued fabrics and add the new ones and ready the showroom for Phase 1 of our approach to Floor Change. Our clearance begins at midnight on December 24th.

We will sell through a lot of product on our showroom floor from the 26th through the next week. Every aspect of preparation will lead us to the Floor Change 2015 and a new and beautiful presentation of our showroom.