Complete Your Home

Complete Your Home

You can have the most beautiful furniture in your home, but it can still feel bare. The key is to layer in accessories to make it feel complete.

Pillows, rugs, art and books are a great way to soften the space and to make it feel warm and inviting. Also the right lighting can make or break a room.

At our Culver City showroom, we recently installed our Complete Your Home Department. The space has inspired our customers to think about adding color, texture and dimension to a room.

It is absolutely stunning and has been such fun to work in! Visually it has been very impactful and super easy to shop.

From the assortment of beautiful pillows to peruse, to our hand-crafted accessories displayed. The room proudly shares our American-made vendor stories that help connect our customers to the pieces.

As a DA it feels extremely fulfilling to add those final touches to my customers’ rooms. The Complete Your Home Department has now given us the tools to do so. What a great addition to our showroom!

Complete Your Home