Are you the next icon?

During the last few months here at our Central Campus, the new 2015 collection arrived piece by piece. At Shop From Home, we are in the unique position to interact with our customers and also have full access to all of the behind-the-scenes buzz in the company. We get to explore the photography sets, see the evolving prototypes in the “Lab”, and contribute input regarding product development.

This all comes together back in our Central Lab every autumn. Picture a high-ceilinged immaculate warehouse space divided into open rooms, some with experimental paint colors & display pedestals, and some with staged wood flooring. Each space contains vignettes with designs from our new collection, and we get to inspect, measure, and use the furniture so we can help our customers “explore” the collection in our phone conversations once it’s unveiled in late December.

Every year, without fail, there is that one piece that stands alone. It’s the one we’ve watched grow through the steps it takes to create a new design. We’ve seen the collaborative efforts between the designer, the maker, and the research team. Back in the lab, there it sits…a beautiful and complete piece.

And every year I wonder to myself, “Are you the next icon?” Are you the chair that, 30 years from now, design students will reference or interior designers will insist be the one thing that stays in a whole house remodel or collectors will exclaim, “You’ll never believe what I found today! A Paris chair circa 2015!” We all know those pieces. They are the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairs and the Marcel Breuer Wassily Chairs of the furniture world. They are instantly recognizable and are equal parts furniture and sculpture.

Stay tuned. We were able to see our new Paris Chair in the Lab this fall, and you can see it sometime in 2015. It will be worth your wait, and it might just be the next icon.