Starting the New Year

Happy New Year One and All!

I believe Edina may have been one of the 1st stores to do our Floor Change. The preparation and teamwork leading up to the Floor Change involves so many layers that literally the whole staff is involved in some way.

The Floor Sample sale went quite well. Customers snapped up some incredible deals and were shopping right up to the store closing before Floor Change. Now, this is the week we are finishing all the beautiful touches that make the Showroom look fabulous. On Monday, the furniture was in place and it all looked great. We did a little tour to get acclimated with where everything is located. It has been brutally cold so our customer traffic has been a little light. This has given us a chance to devote time and energy to the layering process.

I had Tuesday off and when I was back at work on Wednesday the store looked amazing! The pictures, shelves, pillows, lamps, rugs and accessories had been placed and our beautiful Showroom is now stunning. Everything looks fresh and reconfigured in new and interesting settings.

We have an event coming up to introduce our customers to our new collection. I know we’ll start to see some familiar customers once the snow lets up a bit.