Opening Chelsea

On December 13th, 2014, the doors of our Chelsea flagship store opened in Manhattan.  Since then, thousands have stopped in to enjoy its 48,000 square feet of beautifulness!  But what is greater than seeing the faces of customers old and new is having the opportunity to meet the Design Associates from other markets who have travelled here to help us greet those customers.

With every new store opening comes the opportunity to travel to new locales and help greet customers for the weekend.  So far, Design Associates from our stores in South Coast Plaza, Culver City, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and Edina have come to New York City to lend us a hand.  It is so wonderful to interact with these folks and not only share our excitement with them, but our customers’ excitement, as well.  The thrill of it all has me anticipating the opening of the next Room & Board.  Where and when it’ll be, nobody can say, but I know one thing: I’ll be throwing my name in the hat to travel there and share in the greetings.