Rest Easy

On any given day at a Room & Board showroom, you’re likely to witness a customer testing the Goldilocks approach to finding the perfect mattress. And, since mattress shopping is – without a doubt – the most personal of decisions at Room & Board, Goldilocks is encouraged.

For over a decade now, Room & Board’s exclusive mattress partner has been Restwell. Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, family-owned Restwell has been making mattresses since 1945.

In the marketing driven world of mattresses, Restwell stands out for the marketing it doesn’t do. The dollars saved on marketing and advertising campaigns allows the partnership with Room & Board to focus on high-quality materials, which means added value to our customers. The six mattress types that Restwell makes for Room & Board represent the best of what’s available across the industry.

Restwell employees take the directive “Make your bed!” to heart – every day. Just ten long-tenured employees – which include two father-and-sons pairings – work on the Restwell production floor. A behind the scenes tour of Restwell stands out in its quiet– just the faint, comforting hum of the sewing machines quilting mattress covers in the background and the occasional crisp clip of scissors. The floors are so clean and glossy reflections bounce up off of from them.

For those customers who can’t get to a showroom, the task of selecting a mattress might seem impossible. The Room & Board online mattress finder is a great resource. From there, enter the fellow sleepers on the Shop From Home team, whose Design Associates can speak from first hand knowledge – err rest – about the differences between our mattresses.

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