A New Year with a New Collection

Things have been busy here in Seattle, but we successfully completed our floor change last week. I snapped a few pictures to see the evolution of the first room setting you see as you walk into our showroom:

Macalester Room 1

The first picture was taken during floor change night. As you can see, the sofa has arrived in the room, but it still needs to be unwrapped and placed.

Macalester Room 2

This picture was taken a couple of days later after all of the pieces were set and the first accessories were layered in.

Macalester Room 3

Our painters were busy in the showroom yesterday. I was able to take a picture of the finished product this morning, with our new Valspar paint color (Charcoal) on the wall. As we have many room settings in the store, this happened multiple times. It was great to see this huge project completed successfully–everything went well and our multiple teams really pulled together to make this happen. Now we’re all ready for our 2015 New Collection Open House this weekend!