New Year, New Product


Our floor change was a few weeks ago and we’ve still been busy in our showroom ever since. Our Visual Associate has been working with her team to get accessories layered into room settings. I’ve been partnering with our Inventory Associate to plan when items that were delayed will arrive on transfers, and to manage the few changes here and there we’ve made to items being shown. There are only a few more items that we are waiting for at this point, none of which are critical to being able to show off our new 2015 collection.

This is the time of year when all the hard work we’ve put into planning and executing our floor change pays off. The showroom looks and feels great! Our team has been really excited about the new product, and also they are loving how everything came together. One of the rooms they especially love is our Easton Sofa in Rhodes Grey paired with a Boden Chair in Vick Haze and and Aero Cocktail Ottoman (shown above). The cowhides on the floor really help to give it a cozy feel.

From a Merchant perspective, our sales also are looking good. Total numbers are up from last year and we’ve already had customers purchase some of the new items for 2015. For instance, there were four new upholstery collections introduced (Sala, Macalester, Lamour, and Alessa) and our store has sold at least one of each of these so far.

Overall, I feel lucky to be in this place right now. It is great to feel accomplished and to get positive feedback from our Design Associates and our customers. What a great way to start the year off, I’m thankful to be part of such a wonderful team of people!