You have not reached a recording…

It happens every so often, probably once a week. Even so, it catches me a little by surprise every time and (honestly) amuses me.

It’s the response to my telephone greeting.

”Are you a computer?” or “Is this a person?” or “Hello? Is this a recording?”

My true favorite? “Are you a human?”

At Shop From Home, both sides of the brain get a workout. We need to simultaneously be able to compute an entire room’s worth of furniture dimensions and create that space to reflect the customer’s personality and vibe. We take the time with each person to empathize and problem-solve, but we also run reports in our heads to make sure we are meeting their needs while preserving the health of the business. Because we are autonomous in our roles, we must be knowledgeable in the black and white fundamentals of our company (numbers, numbers, numbers). And, at the same time, we are only great in our roles if we can connect personally, be creative, and communicate through descriptive but concise language.

Efficiency is a necessary trait, but so is inventiveness and the ability to meaningfully engage.

When you reach us at Shop From Home, you won’t get a computer, but you will get a human machine.