The Showroom Phone Shift

I am sitting in a comfortable back room of our Showroom manning my 1st telephone shift. We realized that if we have someone answering phones all day that this could alleviate stress from co-workers with customers on the Showroom floor. So far, I have been busy answering a lot of questions related to our product. Being in the backroom I feel pretty open to conversation that can be pretty in-depth. When we are on the phone on the floor we sometimes feel a little rushed and stressed knowing there are customers who need us there.

As Design Associates, we take care of services related to issues that may come up for customers with our product. I have fielded those calls while doing the phone shift. If I have time, there are a multitude of things I can take care of catching up on. I can catch up on following up on delivered orders, e-mail and personal education on new product. Some days are busier than others and I suspect I will be fairly busy all day.

Doing this also makes me aware of what our co-workers at Shop From Home do in their everyday job. It creates a heightened appreciation of how they spend their time. Overall, I think this was a brilliant solution for our Retail stores. Our telephone customers are very important to us and this will allow them to get our undivided attention.