Work and Home

Fox Apartment

Just a quick example of how Room & Board has affected my life outside of work… This past weekend we were having a few friends over for dinner. Of course, that meant tidying up our apartment beforehand! Since everything looked nice and clean, I snapped a picture of our living and dining room and posted it to Facebook.

A couple of coworkers commented on it, and I then realized that there were a lot of items in this picture that were purchased from Room & Board since I’ve been working here. For example: the dining table and chairs, the rug, the accent chair, a couple of the picture frames. In those rooms, but not easily seen, are our media cabinet, side tables, cocktail table, and floor lamp.

When I think back to what our apartment looked a few years ago, it was much emptier and not nearly as cozy. Not only has Room & Board been a great place to work, it has also made our apartment a home!