Even Small Changes Can Be Impactful

York - Before

One of the room settings near the front of our showroom in Seattle is built around the York Sofa in Dawson Cement. This was a particularly popular sofa for us in 2014–likely based upon its location near the front of the store and the way our Visual Associate had the room styled. For 2015, we moved this sofa to a different place (still right by the front doors), and paired it with a different rug and fabric chairs instead of leather. While the end result looked nice, feedback from our Design Associates, along with flat sales numbers, led us to believe that this room could use some adjustment to help capture more interest from our customers. As you can see above, it is a lovely setting, but very monochromatic.

York - After

Here is a photo of the room right after our transfer yesterday. Our Visual Associate (Julianne) posed for the picture as I was documenting the new look. The two changes we made to the room were to put our new Riga Rug under the sofa, and switch the Amos Chairs back to the stocked leather cover instead of fabric. The difference was dramatic, even more-so in person than from a picture. Suddenly, the room setting feels brighter and the upholstery pieces really pop. I think it looks more inviting and, as the Retail Merchant for our store, I can’t wait to see over the next couple of months how our sales may increase.

After all of the hard work we did at floor change in the showroom, it is nice to be in a calmer space right now where we can look at everything and fine tune the occasional setting that may not have landed perfectly. In this instance, York resonated so well with our customers previously, that we could tell we weren’t showing it in it’s best light. A couple little adjustments, and the room feels right again!