In retail we often feel like we’re a little out of synch with everyone else. In order to be ready for seasonal product or major introductions we need to start early to learn about the incoming product, its attributes and its placement on the showroom. We therefore feel a bit ahead or behind of what everyone else is experiencing. In the winter we’re thinking about spring/summer and in summer/fall we’re already thinking about the new year.

It’s felt that way a lot recently. We started learning about outdoor product and figuring out where it’s going to be shown in our showroom as early as January. It’s been a particularly cold and snowy winter for many of our locations and it always seems a bit strange to be looking at pictures of beautiful patio scenes while you’re wearing three layers of clothing.

As I write this it’s the first day of spring. And as I look out the window the snow is falling. Not quite the warm sunny day I was hoping for to herald in the new season. But we make the best of it. We began receiving our new outdoor furniture several weeks ago and have been placing pieces on our fourth floor deck as well as the small garden area beside the store at street level. It’s been a normal sight to look out the window and see a lovely outdoor grouping covered in frost and snow.

We recently scheduled a morning meeting to talk about some of our new outdoor furniture and on this particular morning it was snowing – quite a lot. Not to be undone by weather, our team made the most of the situation and took some photos of us “enjoying” the new outdoor collections as seen by the photo above. Who says that gracious entertaining can only be done in the warmer months?

So while it may feel a little odd for us at times, the hope is that we’ll be all ready and prepared when our customers start looking at our outdoor collection and asking questions. And hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy some of our outdoor setting in a little more seasonably warm weather……while planning for new 2016 introductions in January.