Partnership with College of Art and Design

We have had a very special relationship with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for 12 years. We have offered a scholarship for the design of particular pieces of furniture to students in the Design School. I have been witness to many wonderful ideas through the years and the year we were looking for a media storage piece we actually produced and sold it in our company.

This year we have asked students to come up with a multi-functional end table. The potential is strong that we would sell the table in our stores throughout the country. There were so many very good entries that we were told that 9 were contenders though only 5 could be part of the final competition. The prototypes and boards describing the design and function are currently in the store. Our customers can vote for their favorite entry and, once tallied, that will count as 1 vote plus the people who are on the board. The overall winner will receive a $3000 scholarship.

If you live in the Twin Cities come check out the entries and cast your vote. We will be doing the award ceremony and celebration on April 15th at the Edina Store.