A RAVE Event

On Thursday, April 9 we hosted the annual RAVE Awards for outstanding architectural achievement. It was an event put on by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Even though we had rain and slushy snow, the turnout was good with 100 people attending. There is always a wonderfully festive energy about these events.

I will quote directly from the Mpls.St. Paul Magazine website to describe what the RAVE Awards are: “The RAVE Awards [Residential Architects Vision and Excellence] were created by Mpls.St. Paul Home and Design Magazine in 2004 to recognize and honor achievement in local residential architecture. Every year a carefully selected jury of editors, professors and architects use carefully selected criteria to choose the best work from dozens of submissions to highlight the most outstanding projects in new construction and remodeling. The winning architects are announced at an awards ceremony and the projects are featured in the July issue of Mpls. St.Paul Home and Design Magazine. Year after year we present the best work to the Design Committee, while highlighting the importance and benefits of working with an architect. Whether the winning projects are small or large, urban or rural, classic or contemporary, the RAVE Awards are committed to showcasing architectural excellence in the Twin Cities.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.