The Importance of Vendor Visits

Paris Cognac

A couple weeks ago we had Kelly from our vendor American Leather visit the showroom. As much as I think I know about our assortment, there is always something new to learn! She had great information to share about some of the new products they are making for us this year, such as the Paris Chair shown above. There was also a great refresher about the different types of leather they use and about leathers in general.

When I think back on my experiences as a new Design Associate, I was excited and nervous. Training was great, but at times it felt like there was no way I could ever remember it all! Now, I just accept that I’m never going to know everything. But I keep adding layers of knowledge and deepening my understanding of our company and our products.

I still won’t remember every single thing Kelly told us last week. But, like I tell new Design Associates during New Hire Orientation, “Just absorb what you can, and know what your resources are if you need more information.” Gaining additional perspective directly from our manufacturers is just one of the many ways Room & Board helps those of us in the retail showrooms to build our confidence.