Learning about Kids

Every week we have an education topic which is determined by what we feel we need to review or acquire deeper information about. This week it has been about our Kids and Baby Furniture and the Health and Safety standards and compliance.

More and more we are getting very specific questions from customers regarding how our products are made and what kind of materials are used and specifically chemical content. Through the years we have received the information from various contacts. Now, we pulled all the material together so that we the customers have access to that information as well.

What we know about Kids furniture is that we follow regulations largely set up in California for Health and Safety. One of our major manufacturers has always followed and exceeded the industry standards. Each product shown on our website gives a lot of information showing our interest in transparency. There is access to more specific answers to customers’ questions. So much of what we do as a company comes directly from customer questions and concerns. We can feel proud to know that we continue to strive for a greener environment in everything we do.